A hiking adventure as a team-building activity is the best option if you want to improve your company’s productivity. Read on, here we tell you why.

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It is a fact that cohesive groups with established leadership increase companies’ productivity. For this reason, more and more human resources managers are opting to implement Team Building activities to motivate and unite their teams. And hiking is gaining ground as a team-building option. But you may wonder, what is Team Building? Pay attention, we explain it to you below.

What is Team Building?

The term Team Building literally means the activities that can be carried out within a company to improve the basic conditions for working in a group.

It has happened to all of us that sometimes a tense or uncooperative working atmosphere in a team has prevented us from achieving our goals because everything is a hindrance. This leads to poor performance and, consequently, lower productivity.

Precisely, improving the ability to play in a team is what Team Building aims to achieve through a set of integration dynamics based on fun activities for employees, which can be educational or playful.

Good relationship between co-workers improve your business productivity
Good relationships between co-workers improve your business productivity

What benefits can Team Building bring to my company?

Where ever your teams are based, keeping them connected is key. As a consequence, Team Building activities can benefit your company:

  • connecting remote teams.
  • Increasing motivation and collaboration.
  • Encouraging creativity.
  • Adding positive reinforcement.
  • Improving communication.

To sum up, Team Building will help you to improve your company’s productivity.

Team-building: in the office or outside?

Team-building activities to improve teamwork in a company should ultimately be creative activities in which the involvement of the employees makes them forget the routine for a moment and build a new attitude towards teamwork.

Team-bonding activities can take place both inside and outside the office. However, an out-of-the-ordinary setting will allow employees to disconnect from the routine and, at the same time, look for collaborations between them as the activity takes place outside their comfort zone.

Team Building Hike
Outdoor team-building activities are more effective than in the office

Team Building and Business Travel

Since the best option for team-building activities is outside the work environment, companies are increasingly choosing to include them in incentive trips, as the atmosphere is more relaxed.

Adventure trips for companies are undoubtedly the best option for including dynamics to improve teamwork, as the adventure itself outside the workers’ usual environment, that is to say, outside their comfort zone, means that they have to resort to their colleagues to collaborate in a more or less unfamiliar environment.

Benefits of hiking on your team-bonding activity

Among the most popular adventure trips for companies, hiking is one of the most popular, as it offers multiple benefits as an incentive trip:

  • Taking employees out of their comfort zone and out of the usual environment where they establish their relationships.
  • Taking advantage of incentive trips to carry out team-building dynamics at the same time.
  • We all have once experienced how positive is to get out in nature from time to time, do exercise and recharge our batteries, haven’t you? Your team will be as good as new after a Team Building activity in the middle of the forest!
  • Hiking is undoubtedly one of the best Team Building activities: if the hiking activity itself makes employees interact with each other in a different way than they do in the office, you can also include other more specific activities to improve teamwork at a stop along the way, or even after finishing the route.

Hiking as a team-building activity: an adventure suitable for all levels

Hiking is a sport that is accessible to everyone: it does not require large investments beyond some clothes and two hiking poles, and in terms of technical demands, it is all about walking, and the difficulty can be adapted to the physical abilities of the group.

Thus, a good choice of hiking routes for companies can range from a trail with a little slope that requires little physical effort, to climbing a mountain or riding a river. It can also be a one-day activity, a weekend, or even several days, where the conviviality will undoubtedly strengthen the bonds in your work team.

Hiking group
Hikes can be adapted to different group needs

1-day or 5-day hiking adventures with TrekkingSpain

In TrekkingSpain you will find the ideal hiking adventure for your company. Routes adaptable to your needs and your team’s features, where hiking is not the only point, but also gastronomy, culture and living together in a rural house are added values. The trekking routes always end with a drink and some tapas in a picturesque village. The festive atmosphere is conducive to improving working relationships.

Hiker playng in the snow with boxing gloves

1-day routes (from €30):

  • Hike adapted to group features.
  • 2 local trekking guides.
  • Adventure insurance.
  • Transport if needed (+ €10 supplement)
  • Route break to insert your team-bonding activity.
Hiker crossing a river

5-day hiking tours (from €599):

  • 4 nights/5 days accommodation.
  • Hike adapted to group features.
  • 2 local trekking guides.
  • Adventure insurance.
  • Transport from Airport to destination
  • Transport in the area to go to the hikes star points and back
  • One ticket for a monument visit
  • Route break to insert your team-bonding activity or 2 hours in the afternoon once finished the route.

On our 5-day hiking tours, the conviviality factor makes for an unforgettable adventure: a life experience in which bonds are strengthened and results in a more productive working team.

Discover all our best hiking routes in Andalusia, or join our Meetup group. For a detailed description of each route, visit our TrekkingSpain Blog.

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