Hiking Route Cahorros Monachil in Sierra Nevada

Los Cahorros de Monachil, between waterholes and hanging bridges in Sierra Nevada

If you are staying in Granada city and looking for outdoor adventures, which involve a real hiking challenge but suitable for kids or hike beginners, Los Cahorros de Monachil is your route!

Although the most epic hikes in Sierra Nevada are undoubtedly the climb to 3000-meter peaks such as Mulhacen or Veleta, the natural beauty of this hiking trail makes it the best compliment for your holidays in Spain.

Winter or Summer

The best time to hike Los Cahorros de Monachil route is, without doubt, from October to May. In any case, this walking trail can be a good option to cool down on summer days by having a cold bath in the several waterholes you can find there. Just avoid the last part of the trail, which involves a long ascent through a dirt road, and trek the canyon back to benefit from the shade given by rocks and trees.

Then, don’t forget to bring sun protection for the open road and good trekking shoes in case the path is slippery after rainy days.


cahorros de monachil

In Ruta de Los Cahorros you can cross one of the longest and most famous hanging bridges in Spain.

Hiking Los Cahorros

Through a narrow path along the river, you’ll cross a fairytale forest, up to small staircases, beneath low tree branches, up little hills, and back down to the river. Coming on a dirt road, you’d have never thought in some meters you’d find such a charming route!

If you don’t bring trekking poles, don’t worry! There’re a lot of tree branches to hold on to!

After walking along the first part of the trail, you will find a series of hanging bridges and waterholes. The longest hanging bridge is 63 meters long and one of the longest in Spain.

But the fun is not over yet! Beneath the canyon rocks, a narrow cement wall guides you to more waterholes. But you`ll be required to bend, jump or avoid obstacles helped by handles built into the wall.

Though the last part of this hiking trail continues along the dirt road, it allows you to enjoy great views over the canyon as well as a magnificent panorama of the Sierra Nevada mountains. You can also find places to have a picnic. Then, endless landscapes with olive groves, horses, and farms wait for you after reaching the top of the hill.

In conclusion, the Los Cahorros de Monachil route is, without a doubt, a real outdoor adventure. In spite of that, hike beginners will have the chance to enjoy nature and have fun. For further information, about the best backpacks or more track details, have a look at the Andalucia hiking blog.

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